Dave Grohl hopes you’ll tell your kids about it…

FOO FIGHTERS’ DAVE GROHL has said that he hopes the band’s forthcoming album ’IN YOUR HONOR’ is their definitive release.

As more details emerge about the double – half rock, half acoustic – LP, the singer has revealed what impact he hopes it will have on fans of the group.

During a video shot in the Foos’ studio which was shown before a recent US playback of five tracks from ’In Your Honor’, Grohl said: “When someone comes up to you and asks which Led Zeppelin album they should buy, you should say ’Physical Graffiti’.”

He added, “And, in 20 years, when your kid comes up to you and asks which Foo Fighters album he or she should buy, I want you to say ’In Your Honor’.”

Tracks set to appear on the record include the opener ’In Your Honor’, ’Best Of You’, described as being reminiscent of the band’s ’Everlong’ and ’Resolve’.

According to MTV News, Norah Jones lends her vocals to the jazzy ’Virginia Moon’, while ’Miracle’ sees a guest appearance from Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones on piano.

Foo Fighters will be playing British festivals this summer including T In The Park and The Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds festivals.

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