Taylor Hawkins reveals the reason for his collapse at last year's V festival...

Foo Fighters drummer’ TAYLOR HAWKINS has spoken for the first time about his hospitalisation following last year’s V festival, admitting his illness was drug related.

Hawkins was hospitalised after “overindulging” following the band’s Main Stage appearance at V2001 in Chelmsford last summer (August 19). The group’s immediate European tour commitments were pulled as a result.

Now, speaking to MTV news in the US, the drummer said that he is sober.

He said: “I was just definitely a little out of control, but I’m really healthy and good right now and that’s the most important thing…

“I was a rocker. I took it to the edge”, he joked. “Now I’m just a boring old man.”

Hawkins said he was given the full support of his band members in the subsequent months, which has seen the group return to the studio to work on a new album, due for release later this year.