Band member and actor Jack Black says rockers like Grohl "flock to the D"...


FIGHTERS DAVE GROHL, alongside members of RED

KROSS and PHISH appear on the forthcoming album by

American acoustic comedy duo TENACIOUS D.

The self-titled

debut from the group formed by ‘High Fidelity’ and

‘Jesus’ Son’ star Jack Black, is released on

September 26.

Produced by the Dust Brothers, as well as

Dave Grohl, the record features Page McConnell

of Phish and Steve McDonald of Redd


Speaking to NME.COM about the album,

Black struck a cocky pose when asked about the guests that

joined the duo in the studio.

He said: “We made a list of people who we knew

wanted to be a part of this project. We circled the names with the most talent

and made some calls and guess what? We got every single one of them. They flock

to the D.”

During recording, Black said he

and singer/guitarist Kyle Gass kept their focus on the mid-day meal, rather than

the stresses of recording.

He joked: “John King [Dust

Brother] would be slaving away at the computer and we’d be trying to

figure out where we were going for lunch. It was fun to hang out with them. They

created a very good vibe. A lot of producing is about creating a comfortable good

vibe and that’s what you get with the Dust Brothers. There’s

probably some producers who are slave drivers and crack the whip and use the

intimidation factor but that’s not what we were looking for.”

Tenacious D have asked Spike Jonze to direct the video for

the album’s first single ‘Wonderboy’.