Don't worry, it's only for the new Foo Fighters video...

It’s one of the most shocking and unlikely love matches of all time, but DAVE GROHL and JACK BLACK have been caught in a drunken and sordid gay romp.

In the clip, the two can be seen checking into a motel where they film themselves consuming vast amounts of alcohol and smashing up their room, before dressing up in women’s underwear and wigs. They then engage in sexual acts, resulting in Black passing out and vomiting into the toilet.

Grohl and Black leave their debauched love nest the following morning, driving away in their separate pick-up trucks.


Luckily, the dysfunctional couple are having a laugh – at the expense of our stomachs and their dignity. Foo Fighters‘ controversial new video for ‘Low’ was directed by Jesse Peretz, who worked with the band on ‘Big Me’, ‘The One’ and ‘Learn To Fly’.

Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett told NME>COM: “It’s Dave and Jack Black being incredibly sketchy. It’s white trash porn. Dave’s a big man to let the world see him in that way. It’s a side of Dave Grohl you’ve never seen before!”

MTV UK, MTV2 and new interactive channel Peep MTV (interactive channel) will show ‘Low’ for a week from May 19. But due to its explicit content, it will only be shown after 9pm.

MTV will also be running a competition in keeping with the camcorder theme, where viewers can make their own video for ‘Low’. The winner will receive the first prize of their video featuring on both the band’s DVD single and streamed from the Foo Fighters website. They will also get to meet the band backstage at one of their festival appearances in August.

‘Low’ is set for release in June.