And Dave Grohl discloses that he records a special Xmas song every year for his own listening pleasure...

FOO FIGHTERS have announced final details of their new single ‘TIMES LIKE THESE’, while DAVE GROHL has said that every year he records a special Xmas song that’ll never be released.

The group release ‘Times Like These’ on January 6. The single will be backed by ‘Life Of Illusion’, ‘Planet Claire (Live NYC)’, ‘Normal’ and ‘Learn To Fly (live)’ across the formats.

Dave Grohl has also said that last year he wrote a special Xmas song for his girlfriend, something he’d like to do again this year.

“Last Christmas I gave her a song,” he said. “I’d never done that before. I wrote her this beautiful love song, and recorded it, put it in a little box and gave it to her, and the band’s never played it and I’d never put it on a record.

“I started thinking that that’s what I wanted to do every Christmas from now on, is just give her a song so that in 20 years I could release this Christmas song album.”