The sometime Queen Of The Stone Age drummer puts an end to recent speculation...

DAVE GROHL has told NME.COM that FOO FIGHTERS never came close to splitting, despite speculation that his commitment to touring with Queens Of The Stone Age

had jeopardised his band’s future.

Speaking from Los Angeles where the band are mixing their fourth album, ‘One By One’, Grohl also dismissed rumours that the delayed release was partly due to record company fears that the new material was too uncommercial.

“There was never any talk of breaking up, there was never any talk from the record company that they didn’t like the album,” he stated. “It was just personal life decisions.”

Grohl admitted that the band did have problems when they went into the studio last October, less than three months after drummer Taylor Hawkins was hospitalised after V2001 for what he later called “overindulgence”.

“After that went down it scared the shit out of everybody and we thought ‘Let’s stop for a while’,” explained Grohl. “Then we thought the one thing that could heal us was working on the record and honestly, I don’t think we were ready to go in yet. After two and a half months of recording, it became a chore. We didn’t feel like the luckiest people in the world like usual.

“At the same time Queens Of The Stone Age asked me to play a show with them and it was fucking great. It was like ‘My heart is telling me I should experience this’ – for the love of music, for my love of their new record and also to prove to myself that I could. Queens Of The Stone Age have always been Josh and Nick and 50 million other people so they were this band I could finally have this fantasy with.”

While Grohl’s appearance on the Queens Of The Stone Age ‘ forthcoming album ‘Songs For The Deaf’ caused little concern, news that he was postponing the recording of ‘One By One’ to tour with them triggered rumours that the Foos would split. Grohl, however, explained the band just needed to “take a break”.

He said: “I told the guys ‘I’m going to do this for a while, let’s back off from making the record. We can do whatever we want to do’. I get some person on the telephone from a record company telling me what to do, then I’ll do the exact opposite. I worked pretty hard for a long time, I’m gonna do something that I want to do and in doing that, it made the new Foo Fighters record ten times better than it was six months ago.”

The Fooss even put up a sign at T In The Park when they played to explain that all was fine with the band and their new album.

Speaking about the Queens Of The Stone Age gigs, Grohl admitted: “It felt good for about a week and then I started to miss it because they’re my family [Foo Fighters] and they’re my best friends and they’re my favourite band. I loved playing with Queens Of The Stone Age – it was a hard-on the whole time – but I missed my band too.”