He tuned Diane Lawless' guitar, too...

DAVE GROHL took time out of from his WITNNESS and T IN THE PARK appearances last weekend to teach a young fan to play the guitar.

The Foo Fighters were having their photos taken on a Dublin housing estate, when Grohl asked to use a resident’s toilet. One of the householders was a gobsmacked 16-year-old Foo Fighters and Nirvana fan, Diane Lawless.

Grohl tuned her guitar and spent twenty minutes teaching her to play Foo Fighters‘ song ‘Learning To Fly’. Earlier, Grohl gave away a dozen tickets to fans who had mobbed him on the estate.

The same night, Foo Fighters played a low-key warm-up show at the Ambassador in Dublin. Green Day were among the guests who saw Grohl back with his band after an extended period drumming for Queens Of The Stone Age.