'The One' can be heard on their official website...

Foo Fighters have made a brand new track available to hear online.

The song, titled ‘The One’ is currently available on the group’s official website,

The group have recently returned from New York where they recorded a video for the song. Mainman Dave Grohl said the promo was &quota parody of a famous movie from the early 80’s”

He commented: &quotWe haven’t seen a rough cut (of the video) yet, and I don’t want to give it away, but I’m guessing that it’s going to be hilarious. We won’t be able to show our faces in public for a long, long time after this one. Here are some hints: It’s a parody of a famous movie from the early 80s, there were tons of extras, I had to wear a gold chain, Nate has a roller skating scene, Chris…I don’t even wanna tell you what he had to do…and Taylor…he actually got off pretty easy on this one. Maybe next time MTV did one of those ‘Making of the Video’ thingies, so you’ll get to see all of the behind the scenes shit soon enough. Oh God, is it ever embarrassing. But, that’s the way we like it, right?”

A new Foo Fighters album is expected in 2002.