Dave Grohl also says the band have nearly 30 songs to choose from as they prepare to release the follow-up to 'There Is Nothing Left To Lose'...

FOO FIGHTERS have almost 30 songs to pick from for their new album, and are due to record a new video in NEW YORK over the coming days.

Writing to fans in a posting on the group’s official website, , mainman Dave Grohl said that of the tracks, ‘The One’ is likely to be the first track released to radio, with a video being shot in New York in the coming days with director Jesse Peretz, who has worked with the band before.

He wrote: “We are finally back in the basement for another dose of the good stuff. We did a little upgrading equipment wise, so the new sounds are ten times as killer. It’s like two scoops of raisins in every bowl. Got some new amps to fuck around with (all vintage, for you tech heads out there).

“There are lots of new songs to choose from. 29 to be exact. We’ve just really started to get into it, picking the ones with the most potential first, but you never know. Sometimes the weird ones sneak up on you at the last minute, so it’s always best to take a stab at every one of them. ‘Halo’, ‘Gun Beside My Bed’, ‘New Wave’, ‘Bottomed Out’, and ‘The One’ are the ones that we’ve gotten into so far. All killer. I think that ‘The One’ will be hitting radio stations soon. It’s a fast one. 2 minutes 48 seconds, or something like that.

“We’re heading up to New York in a few days to do a video for ‘The One’. Jesse Peretz is directing. You remember Jesse, he did ‘Learn To Fly’ and ‘Big Me’. I’m looking forward to it, it should be hilarious. I wont give away the surprise, but when you get Jesse and the four of us together, someone’s gonna wind up getting embarrassed. Keep your eyes peeled.”

Other track titles include ‘Asshole’, although Grohl joked that the title is likely to change before release because “I’m not so sure that (presenters) will be able to introduce the video to all the little kiddies unless I do.”

The album will be released in 2002.