Two lucky NME winners see the band in Reykjavik, but they’re not as jammy as Icelandic unknowns Nilfisk, who blag a support slot...

DAVE GROHL invited an unknown Icelandic band to jam with FOO FIGHTERS and then support them at their first ever show in Iceland last week – watched by two lucky NME competition winners.

James Jenkins, 27, and his girlfriend Wendy Stone won the trip of a lifetime to Iceland to see Foo Fighters at Reykjavik’s Laugardalsholl – the city’s largest venue.

To mark the occasion, Dave Grohl indulged in some wish-fulfilment of his own. After support band[a][/a], Grohl appeared and told a story about how the previous night they’d been drinking and bathing in a nearby town and heard a band rehearsing in a barn.

They liked what they heard and decided to go in and jam. The Foos were so pleased with the results that they invited the band, Nilfisk – fronted by 16-year-old Johann Vilbergsson – to play at the show before them. The Icelandic punk-poppers played their track ‘Jacking Around’ before the Foo Fighters stormed onstage for a two-hour set that began with ‘All My Life’ and climaxed with ‘Everlong’.

At the end of the show, Grohl pledged to make the trip an annual visit from now on. “I can honestly say that at first my favourite place was Ireland, and then Australia was fuckin’ cool,” he said. “But I swear on my life, this is the best fuckin’ place in the world. Iceland’s as cool as shit! I wanna come back here every year!”

Elsewhere on their Icelandic adventure, James and Wendy visited The Icelandic Phallollogical Society, a ‘penis museum’ displaying male genitals of almost all the world’s creatures apart from humans. The museum is set to inherit ‘Elmo’ – the penis of one Stanley Underwood of California upon his death (a wax cast is currently displayed) and guests are invited to pledge their own – something which James declined.

Before leaving, they lucky pair relaxed in the 38 degree outdoor Blue Lagoon, which James called “the best thing I’ve ever done.”