The band tell NME.COM of their plans for the future...

FOO FIGHTERS are to start work on their ‘WHITE ALBUM’ – while frontman DAVE GROHL stays at home relaxing with his new wife.

Grohl and drummer Taylor Hawkins told NME of their plans while they take a break from touring for a while.

Grohl said: “Taylor and I live about five miles away from each other, Taylor’s got a studio in his basement, I’ve got a studio at the house in Virginia and I’m building a studio in my house in LA.”

Hawkins added: “We both have little studios set up. We’re coming up with all these riffs now. We have six riff-things floating around and I think one or two of them will make it into a bridge, or part of a record. We need to do 30 or 40 things before we decide on those ten.

“We always think we’re gonna make a ‘White Album’, a 20-song thing. But at the minute it’s good to listen to the riffs and see what we’re going to sound like on the next record.”