Foo Fighters mainman Grohl says his tragic former bandmate's popularity made it "difficult for him to live his own life"...

DAVE GROHL has spoken about the death of NIRVANA bandmate KURT COBAIN, saying that his immense popularity made it “difficult for him to live his own life”.

Grohl, now vocalist with the Foo Fighters, told UK magazine Kerrang! that the fact that teenagers could associate with the singer led to difficulties before he committed suicide in April 1994.

Speaking about his time in Nirvana, Grohl said: “It was the greatest job in the world. I was in this band that was selling millions of records, but I could go to a show and no-one would really recognise me. I never got hassled but I had all the perks of being in a huge band.

“It was unfortunate that Kurt had to go through the opposite of what I did. I think for someone like Kurt, whom millions of tortured kids related to, it was difficult for him to live his own life. And going through that whole experience, seeing what he was going through, and being entirely on the opposite end of that spectrum, living in complete anonymity, fortunately I got to stand back and spot the pitfalls…I felt for him, and for anyone else in that situation.”

He said that the Foo Fighters‘ success has been gradual, so he has been more able to deal with it.

He said: “It’s almost ten years since ‘Nevermind’ came out, so it’s been ten years of playing shows and being on MTV, and making videos and being recognised. Since it’s been gradual, I don’t really have a problem with it.”

Foo Fighters are currently working on material that will form the follow-up to their 1999 album ‘There Is Nothing Left To Lose’.

According to the article, working titles for the new Foo Fighters tracks include ‘Tom Petty’, ‘Knucklehead’, ‘Spooky Tune’, ‘Full Mount’, ‘Lonely Is You’ and ‘Tears For Beers’.

Speaking about the progress of the as-yet-untitled album, Grohl said: “We’ve been on a roll. We’re trying to figure out when and where, but it’s just coming so quickly that we’re all really satisfied.

“All of the songs on the last album were written on acoustic guitars, even ‘Breakout’ and ‘Stacked Actors’. A lot of this stuff that we’ve been writing now has been written with everything on 11!”