Wembley may be a bad thing, but he's very fond of London even so...

DAVE GROHL has admitted that FOO FIGHTERS‘ hardcore fans believe the band have ‘sold out’ by scheduling two nights at WEMBLEY.

“I’m starting to realise there is some kind of backlash against moving up to bigger venues,” he told NME.COM last week. “Our core fans that have come to see us play at Brixton once a year for the past eight years are kind of bummed that we’re moving up to Wembley.”

Grohl was celebrating at the weekend when the Foos’ new single, ‘All My Life’, crashed into the UK Top Five. And the former Nirvana drummer has revealed that he’s even planning a move to the UK, where fans have made the Foos bigger than ever.

He told NME.COM: “I was so pleased to see such a welcoming, fucking warm reception when we came over in August (to headline the Carling Weekend and play London shows) because it’s going to be our second home. I had a blast, man.

“I used to hate London. I just couldn’t get into it. But only last year did I start to realise that London is my favourite city outside of the States. There’s something about the women in London that has changed too. I don’t know what you guys have been importing or what’s your trip, but it’s a whole new scene. The first time I came to London it was just all fish and chips, but now it’s Nobu [high-end sushi restaurant] and the Metropolitan [hotel]!”