As well as the Best of, Dave Grohl says there's some unreleased stuff on the way...

DAVE GROHL has told NME.COM about his shock at hearing the new NIRVANA song played on the radio – and he revealed that as well as a greatest hits release, there will be an album featuring material that “no one’s ever heard”.

The surviving members of Nirvana and Cobain’s widow Courtney Love have been at the centre of a legal battle for control of the band’s future releases. These issues have now been solved, with three different releases expected before 2004.

‘Nirvana’ is a compilation of their biggest hits alongside the last recording singer Kurt Cobain made with Grohl and bassist Krist Novoselic, ‘You Know You’re Right’. A video will also be made, featuring previously unseen footage of the group.

‘You Know You’re Right’ was sent out to selected members of the press last week, a reaction to it being leaked onto the Internet last month. Radio stations played the song, and some were threatened with legal action.

On the day of the settlement, Grohl told NME.COM: “It’s interesting to be stuck in traffic and hear a DJ say ‘OK, coming up next it’s the new Nirvana‘. That’s pretty wild.”

The Foo Fighters frontman refused to blame anyone for deliberately leaking the song on the Internet. “That music was made for a reason – it was made for people to hear,” he said. “I’m glad that song’s out, I’m glad that song has finally seen the light of day.”

Asked about the Nirvana rarities album planned for 2003, Grohl commented: “I kind of know what’s going to be on it. There’s a lot of stuff no one’s ever heard.”

Grohl also told NME.COM how ‘You Know You’re Right’ was recorded – and revealed that he had not even heard it for five years after that. “It was recorded in a studio in Seattle called Robert Lang’s, right down the street from my house,” he said. “Nirvana had some time off in-between tours and we stopped down there to maybe demo some shit and that was the only thing we did. It was in early ’94, a couple of months before Kurt died.

“I didn’t have a copy. I didn’t listen to it for maybe five years. Then as we started to put the box set together, I had a copy of a lot of the material in the box set and I listened to it. I thought ‘God! That doesn’t give me any sense of closure, that picks the scab a little bit’.”