And who does that bring to mind?

DAVE GROHL has spoken to NME about ‘Stacked Actors’, the track on the new Foo Fighters album that is reputed top be an attack on Courtney Love. He also dismissed similar efforts by Bush and Nine Inch Nails as “ridiculous”.

The song’s lyrics are: “Stacked dead actors / stacked to the rafters / line up you bastards all I want is the truth . . . They all dye blonde. . .”

“I’ve been asked that question about every song I’ve written. I think that the most important thing about writing songs is to refuse the specifics because that takes away the opportunity for some listener to relate to the song. I wrote ‘Stacked Actors’ about everything that is fake and everything that is plastic and glamorous and unreal, so if that pertains to anyone that comes to mind then there you go.”


Of the other tracks by NIN and Bush he said: “Well, what’s the point? What difference does it make. Actually, I think it’s ridiculous. You might as well write songs about fucking. . . Gomer Pyle.” (60s US sitcom/comic; like Bilko though not as good – Ed)

“She needn’t be too vain, it’s not all about her,” said a more forthcoming drummer Taylor Hawkins. “She’s fucked. For millions of reasons. And I don’t even know her. Oh, I’ve met her a couple of times and she was rude. She wants to be a star and she is one. At least she got what she wanted. I hope it filled the hole for her. No pun intended. Oh, there’s a sentence or two probably dedicated to her. Dave would never fully admit it to you, but I know.”

Meanwhile, next year the first Nirvana album ‘Bleach’ (originally released in 1989) will be reissued by Sub Pop and will include previously unreleased tracks though no date has been set for the third posthumous boxed set release that includes the last Nirvana song ‘Know Your Rights’ which was recorded at Grohl‘s Seattle home in 1994.

See NME out on Wednesday November 24 for the full interview.