Labour Party suspend member over ‘inappropriate’ Foo Fighters post

Pro-Corbyn supporter barred from voting in leadership contest

The Labour Party has reportedly suspended a new member over an online post she sent about her love of Foo Fighters.

According to various sources, including The Daily Mail, Jeremy Corbyn supporter Catherine Starr has been barred from voting in the upcoming party leadership contest allegedly because of a Facebook post she shared in March which linked to a Foo Fighters video and included the caption: “I fucking love the Foo Fighters”.

Starr claims to have received a letter from Party Secretary Iain McNicol which informed her that she was being refused full membership because she “shared inappropriate content on Facebook” on March 5. Starr has since criticised what she sees as the “over-zealous vetting procedure designed to stop supporters of Jeremy Corbyn voting for him”.


Starr told The Daily Mail: “I was totally confused so I looked back to see what posts I had shared on March 5. I shared a Foo Fighters video, a picture of a poster listing cruelty free cosmetics brands and I shared a joke from a a vegan comic book. I had also made a comment on a friends’ post which was inoffensive.”

“I have heard about the NEC kicking people out for posting things they don’t like. I find it bizarre they have enough time on their hands to try to vet things like this at all, but I don’t go in for intimidating people or shouting them down anyway.”

“I’m not a confrontational or aggressive person. The NEC seem to have adopted an over-zealous vetting policy which may be aimed at stopping news members voting for Jeremy Corbyn.”


A spokesperson for Labour has since responded: “We don’t comment on NEC decisions regarding individual members, but suggest in this case that the individual contact the appeals team for further clarification.”

Foo Fighters themselves have not yet commented on the matter.