Dave Grohl makes prank call to US radio station – listen

Foo Fighters frontman pretended to be Queensrÿche drummer Scott Rockenfield in KROQ call

Dave Grohl made his latest move in a prank war with a US TV host this week.

Grohl and Jeff Probst, who hosts Survivor in the US, have an ongoing battle that came to light when Probst was a guest on KROQ’s The Kevin and Bean show on Thursday. Grohl’s prank comes off the back of him and his Foo Fighters bandmates poking fun at rumours of a split earlier this month.

Explaining that when they first met, Probst lied and told Grohl that he was in a band with Queensrÿche drummer Scott Rockenfield. Since then Grohl has made fun of hid friend who this tale, and called up KROQ pretending to be Rockenfeld. Listen to the call and read Probst’s story of how the in-joke originated below.

“One time I made the mistake of telling Dave,” Probst said. “We just met and I was trying to impress him that I knew something about rock–and I said ‘You know the original drummer of Queensrÿche was in a band of mine before Queensrÿche.’ Since then he’ll send me a little video of Queensrÿche on the radio going ‘Dude your band’s on!’”

“We have this thing going on of practical jokes and at one point Scott Rockenfield from Queensrÿche really did reach out to me to say hi and I thought it was Grohl messing with me so I treated Scott like, ‘yeah, great hearing from you, Douchebag. Really good to talk to you.’ Turns out he was just saying hi.”

Things are much more jovial between Grohl and Probst than they are between him and The Melvins. Buzz Osborne of that band criticised him this week for allegedly cancelling plans to work together, saying that Grohl is too “busy playing songs at the Oscars and shit”.