Foo Fighters settle lawsuit over gigs cancelled after Paris terror attacks

Band had filed court case against insurers Lloyds of London and Robertson Taylor

Foo Fighters‘ court case against insurance companies over cancelled gigs has been dismissed.

The US band had filed a lawsuit against two companies that were insurers of their 2015 European tour, Lloyds of London and Robertson Taylor. The case had regarded gigs that were cancelled after frontman Dave Grohl broke his leg and after last year’s terror attacks in Paris.

Grohl broke a metatarsal onstage at a gig in Gothenburg during June 2015, leading to the cancellation of the band’s UK tour and Glastonbury headline appearance. Following the Bataclan attack last November, an additional four European shows were cancelled.

Foo Fighters claimed in the suit that Lloyds failed “to pay amounts that even they recognise are due and owing”. They also said that Robertson Taylor failed to warn them that rescheduling their UK shows would affect any insurance claim.

Billboard now reports that Foo Fighters have settled the case.

A court filing dated October 7 ordered a “dismissal with prejudice” of the two-part complaint. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

It has also been reported that the band are barred from re-filing the case on the same claim.