Split rumours denied as Foo Fighters tease mystery announcement

Band expected to make announcement tonight (March 2)

Foo Fighters have revealed that they will make an official band statement this evening (March 2).

A tweet sent from the band’s account overnight reads simply: “Official band announcement tomorrow night. Stay tuned.”

Many fans on Twitter are speculating that the band could be splitting, while Page Six reports that a Dave Grohl solo project could be in the pipeline. However, a spokesperson for the band told Entertainment Weekly that reports about the band breaking up are “utterly ridiculous.”


The band released the ‘St. Cecilia’ EP in November 2015 and Grohl wrote a message that hinted at an uncertain future for the band he formed in the wake of his time in Nirvana.

“Maybe these songs are the bread crumbs that will help us find our way back when it’s time,” he wrote at the time of release. “We could use a nice wander through the woods right about now. Another empty journal, another tap on the shoulder … those things are never far behind. It’s what lies ahead in those woods that excites me now….”

However, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in summer last year, Grohl was adamant the band are “family” and won’t split. “The band is more than a musical group,” he said. “It’s a family and it’s become a way of life with us. We love each other. When the Foo Fighters show up to the airport and there’s four SUVs waiting to drive us away, we all get in one SUV, still, to this day. It’s how we fucking roll…We’re not breaking up anytime soon, that would be like your grandparents getting a divorce. Too weird.”

The ‘Saint Cecilia EP’ featured five new songs and was released to coincide with the end of the band’s world tour, which included huge UK gigs and was marred by Dave Grohl breaking his leg in Sweden.

Since that release Grohl has made a number of solo appearances, performing a Beatles cover at The Oscars and joining Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp at the Grammys‘ tribute to Lemmy.

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