Foo Fighters are launching their own radio station to celebrate ‘Medicine At Midnight’

The station will be on the air for two months to coincide with the arrival of the band's upcoming tenth album

Foo Fighters are launching their own limited-run radio station next week to celebrate the release of their new album ‘Medicine At Midnight’.

The record is set for release on February 5, marking the arrival of the long-running band’s tenth studio album.

Foo Fighters Radio will air on SiriusXM from February 3 at 12pm ET (5pm UK time) until April 4. Programmes that will be broadcast include a special track-by-track premiere of ‘Medicine At Midnight’ at midnight ET (5am UK time) on release day (February 5) and a live performance from the SiriusXM Garage at 5pm ET and PT later on in the day.


A small number of subscribers to SiriusXM will have the chance to be a part of the virtual audience for the release day show, which will be hosted by Kat Corbett.

Foo Fighters Radio will also see the band “sharing insight into their new album and the stories behind some of their biggest songs, demos, B-sides and rarities throughout their more than two-decade career”.

A weekly series of recordings of live shows from the Foos’ vault – kicking off with their 2018 gig in Manchester – is another feature of Foo Fighters Radio’s programming, while the station will also air music hand-picked by the Foo Fighters as well as special guest DJs, artists and celebrities picking their favourite Foos tracks to play.

Dave Grohl Presents Sound City, which was originally released in 2012, will also be rebroadcast. In addition to their SiriusXM programming, the Foos will take over a Pandora station, plus the Today’s Alternative and Today’s Hard Rock stations, to offer more behind-the-scenes details about ‘Medicine At Midnight’ and share some of their favourite tracks.


Last week, Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins spoke about his pride in having “contributed to the firing of that clown” – disparagingly referencing former US President Donald Trump, who left office last week.

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