Foo Fighters’ next special guest: Dave Grohl’s daughter is joining the band at Leeds Festival

But Violet will miss Reading as she's back to school on Monday...

Dave Grohl‘s 13-year-old daughter Violet will guest with Foo Fighters when they headline Leeds Festival tonight (August 23).

Violet Grohl has become a regular guest on stage at the band’s recent mini-European tour.

Speaking to Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2, Grohl confirmed Violet will appear at Leeds – but she has to miss Reading Festival because she’s back at school on Monday.


Grohl said: “My daughter is singing with us every night. It’s sad, but she’s going to have miss Reading as she’s got to go back to eighth grade. Her school starts on Monday.

“She’s doing Leeds with us, but then she goes back to school. She’s a kid!”

Grohl called Violet “the best travel buddy” he could wish for on tour, saying: “We hang out in the room, have room service and watch horror movies. I have to remind myself: ‘She’s 13, she’s got to go back to school.’ Jet lag is one thing, but playing a festival to 80,000 people and then going back to a classroom? I want to see what happens there!”

The Foos frontman also praised Rick Astley for stepping in at the last minute as a guest when Grohl headlined Club NME’s relaunch with a show at the tiny Moth Club in east London last week.

Grohl said of Astley: “Rick is the best guy ever, I love him to death. He’s such a lovely guy. He’s just up for it, man. At the NME party, two hours before the show, I didn’t know what I was going to do. It was going to just be me and a guitar and I had no idea what to expect.”


After persuading Foo Fighters keyboardist Rami Jaffee to play, Grohl said: “I hadn’t spoken to Rick in maybe a year, but I cold-called him and said ‘Are you in town?’ This was an hour-and-a-half before the gig, but he got there before I did! I love the guy, not many musicians would do that.”

Grohl revealed the band are planning “cool things” to celebrate their 25th anniversary next year, including a potential documentary series. He said: “We have so many crazy ideas right now. Next year is our 25th anniversary, that’s why we’re coming up with all these cool things to do.”

He added he’d been working on a TV documentary with his mother Virginia Grohl about her book From Cradle To Stage about rock stars and their mothers. Grohl vowed: “We’ve just done an interview for one episode. Bring a hankie, you’ll cry five times.”

BBC4 shows Foo Fighters’ Reading Festival performance live at 10pm on Sunday (August 25).