Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl on Glastonbury: ‘I’m making up for something I couldn’t do when I was just completely broken’

His band are due to headline Worthy Farm on June 24

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has spoken about the band’s forthcoming headline slot at Glastonbury.

Two years ago, the band were set to headline the event but were forced to pull out after the singer broke his leg at a show in Sweden just weeks before their Worthy Farm performance.

Now, Grohl has said he is ready to make things right, when they take to the Pyramid Stage on June 24. He told Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show: “Somewhere like Glastonbury has such a huge history behind it and then personally it’s almost like a part of my recovery. I’m making up for something I couldn’t do when I was just completely broken.


“The vibe is already kind of there, for me personally. It’s something personal to me now. I know there’s gonna be a million people there. I can walk.

“When this happened my doctor said – it’s a lot worse than you think it is. If you do what I tell you you’ll be able to walk and run around with your kids after you’re out of here. If you don’t do what I tell you to do you’ll walk with a cane the rest of your life.

He continued: “I messed it up so bad. This whole thing to me is I’m coming back and I’m standing up and I’m gonna kick their ass for 2 hours or more. I can’t wait. I’m already psyched it’s gonna be amazing.”

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Despite pulling out of Glastonbury, Grohl built his own “throne” which allowed him to continue to tour.


He admitted that he was exhausted by the end of their last tour: “At the end of that run, from the time I broke my leg to the time we were done we did 53 more shows. We were cooked. Our manager John was like, ‘Are you sure you wanna do this?’ and we said, ‘Yeah man let’s do it’.

Grohl added: “The first show we did with the throne thing, I’d never sat in it before and it was a stadium show and at the end of that show I was like, ‘OK this is gonna be great’. By the end of it we were cooked and I thought I don’t want to touch an instrument for a year.”

Foo Fighters returned with a new single ‘Run’ yesterday (June 1), which sees the band dressed as elderly men, playing to a crowd of old people in a church