Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl: ‘The guy who did our make-up in ‘Run’ was in the ‘Thriller’ video’

New single was released yesterday (June 1)

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has spoken out about their comeback video ‘Run’ and revealed the man behind their make-up appeared in Michael Jackson‘s Thriller video.

The clip, which you can watch below, sees the band dressed as elderly men, playing to a crowd of old people in a church.

At the end, it descends into a Thriller-esque dance scene. The track was released ahead of their forthcoming headline slot at Glastonbury on June 24.

Grohl told Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show: “We had to get our faces cast – it’s claustrophobic. Once you’ve done that, you send the make-up to the guy – he’s Tony he was in the Thriller video he’s the dude whose arm falls off.

“He starts making the makeup and we tried to tell him what we thought we should look like and Pat [Smear] sent him a picture of Frederick Douglass [African-American social reformer in the 1800s] and it looks exactly like him. I thought it would be funny if Taylor [Hawkins] had a skullet. Rami [Jaffee] looks the greatest keyboard player. I hope he looks like that when he gets older. [Chris] Shifty [Shiflett] looks a little angry. Nate [Mendel] looks pretty pathetic, he doesn’t look old he just looks ill, like he’s not got much time.”

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Of the video concept, Grohl explained: “This video began with Taylor saying, ‘We’re getting old. What are we gonna do about promo photos we’re so ugly now?’ and I was like, ‘Let it go it doesn’t really matter’ and Taylor said in our next video we should be 100 years-old thrashing to this song and I laughed about it and was like what if we ended up in this senior citizen home.

“I wrote up this treatment and everyone thought it was funny so we sent it to our producers who did Sound City and Sonic Highways and came back with the reality of prosthetics and the budget and how we’re gonna pull it off and it became a crazy melee of pulling off the craziest fiasco ever.”

The singer also said that he plans to make up for pulling out Glastonbury two years ago, when they headline the Worthy Farm bash later this month.

He added: “This whole thing to me is I’m coming back and I’m standing up and I’m gonna kick their ass for two hours or more. I can’t wait. I’m already psyched it’s gonna be amazing.”