Foo Fighters launch new digital zine ‘The People of Rock and Roll’

Fans can share their memories and feelings about the Foos on this digital platform

Foo Fighters have launched a new digital zine titled The People of Rock and Roll.

The venture has been launched online to give the band’s fans a voice, with people being invited to share their memories of the Foos as the band continue to celebrate 25 years since the release of their debut album.

“Welcome to The People of Rock and Roll!” the welcome message for the zine reads. “Share in the memories of Foo Fighters fans from all over the world. Hit the heart to like your favourites and create your very own rock and roll zine.”


Fans can filter other people’s memories of the Foos by narrowing it down to a specific bandmember or location, with over 135 pages of often heartwarming accounts from fans of the band being listed on the zine at present.

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins (Picture: Getty)

One account, written by Toledo, Ohio-based fan Eric Pitzen, reads: “So my best friend of 30+ yrs is a huge Foo Fan. Danielle and I have know each other since HS. She will be the best man at my wedding next yr. I want to give her something unique as a gift. She has always been there for me, good or bad, no matter what. I am alive today because of her.

“Ideally, I would love for her to be able to meet Dave [Grohl]. Hey, you never know unless you ask, right? If that’s not possible if there is some way I can get something personalised from Dave for her, that would be awesome.”

You can check out Foo Fighters’ The People of Rock and Roll zine here.


Last month the Foos revived a line of their classic merchandise in celebration of their 25th anniversary.