Foo Fighters’ ‘Medicine At Midnight’ is currently outselling the rest of the UK’s Top 10 albums combined

The band look set to secure their fifth Number One UK album

Foo Fighters‘ new album ‘Medicine At Midnight‘ is currently outselling the rest of the UK’s Top 10 albums combined.

The rock legends’ tenth album, which was released last Friday (February 5), is on course to clinch the top spot this week and would mark the group’s fifth Number One UK album.

According to the Official Charts, ‘Medicine At Midnight’ has racked up the most physical and digital sales of the week so far, ahead of Fleet Foxes‘ 2020 album ‘Shore’ (which debuted its physical release last week) and Black Country, New Road’s debut album ‘For The First Time‘. No sales figures have been released in the mid-week report.


Foo Fighters’ previous Number One UK albums are ‘One By One’ (2002), ‘Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace’ (2007), ‘Wasting Light‘ (2011) and ‘Concrete And Gold‘ (2017).

Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters (Picture: Press)

In last week’s Big Read interview with the Seattle-formed band, frontman Dave Grohl told NME that the bandmates’ connection is “beyond” the music.

“This is the longest fucking relationship I’ve been in in my life and it’s been with six fucking men!” Grohl said. “We’ll never walk on stage until we’re ready to go as one band. It’s important to me that the connection is beyond music.

“I don’t think I could walk on stage with a stranger – I’ve been in a few bands and I know what it feels like to be lonely on stage. But with the Foo Fighters you never feel that way.”


The band have also launched their new radio series Medicine At Midnight Radio to celebrate the release of their latest album.

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