Foo Fighters talk getting slapped by Prince Harry

Dave Grohl also reveals that Harry visited him in hospital when he broke his leg

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins has revealed that he was once slapped by Prince Harry.

The US band released their ninth album ‘Concrete And Gold’ last week (September 15). Speaking to BBC Breakfast to promote the record, the band’s drummer Hawkins and frontman Dave Grohl discussed their budding friendship with Prince Harry.

“At first you meet him and [you think] ‘It’s Prince Harry. Wow, I’ve seen you on a lot of magazines in America.’ Then you start talking and having a real talk,” Hawkins explained.


Hawkins then went on to tell an anecdote about how Harry slapped him in the face before a gig to help wake him up. He said: “I was like ‘Wow, I’m so jetlagged right now’. We were getting ready to walk on stage and I was tired and so jetlagged. And he just goes… [slap]”

“I was like, ‘what was that?’ It was great, it was funny. I wore the slap with pride. He’s one of the boys. What a boy. It’s like Paul McCartney, once you break through the royalty, or the Beatles thing, you find they just want to hang out with the boys, like we do.”

“He’s in the military too, that’s not someone you wanna get slapped by,” Grohl added, before revealing that Harry was one of the first people to visit him in hospital after he broke his leg. The singer said that Harry brought him a pillow to put his iPad on as a gift.

Watch Foo Fighters talk about Prince Harry in the clip below:

Foo Fighters aren’t the only band with a blossoming friendship with Prince Harry. The Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr recently joked to NME about how Prince Harry is a “great kisser”.


Meanwhile, hundreds of Foo Fighters fans were turned away at the door of their huge London gig at The O2 last night (September 19) after falling victim to a ticketing mix-up.

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