Foo Fighters release Roswell live EP to mark Area 51 raid day

Over 2 million people have signed up to storm Area 51 today (September 20)

Foo Fighters have released a live EP of their performance in Roswell to mark Area 51 raid day.

Over 2 million people have signed up to storm the US government facility today (September 20) via a Facebook event page.

The Dave Grohl-led band performed at the Walker Air Force Base in Roswell, New Mexico back in 2005, near an alleged UFO crash site. Around 500 competition winners were in attendance at the gig, which marked the release of the band’s fifth album ‘In Your Honour’.


The new ‘Live At Roswell’ EP includes tracks such as ‘In Your Honour’, ‘Stacked Actors’, ‘Free Me’, and ‘Monkey Wrench’. It has been released as part of the Foo Files live archive.

“Remember: be polite,” the band tweeted as they shared links to the release. You can listen to the EP below now.

Meanwhile, Alienstock, a festival planned to be held near Area 51 in Rachel, Nevada this weekend, has been cancelled over fears it would be a “humanitarian disaster”.


“We are not interested in, nor will we tolerate any involvement in a Fyre Fest 2.0,” organisers said in a statement announcing the change of plans. “We foresee a possible humanitarian disaster in the works, and we can’t participate in any capacity at this point.”

Last month, residents of Rachel voiced their concerns over thousands of party-goers attending the music festival in their town, and reportedly asked revellers to “stay away” from the area.