Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins says he thought his 2001 overdose was the end of the band

The drummer was in a coma for two weeks after overdosing on heroin

Foo FightersTaylor Hawkins has spoken out about his overdose and how he thought it was the end of the band.

The drummer overdosed on heroin while on a trip to London in 2001, which left him in a coma for two weeks.

Speaking to Beats 1’s Matt Wilkinson, Hawkins said: “Well, I was partying a lot. I wasn’t like a junkie per se, but I was partying. There was a year where the partying just got a little too heavy. Thank God on some level this guy gave me the wrong line with the wrong thing one night and I woke up going, ‘What the fuck happened?’ That was a real changing point for me.”


Afterward, Dave Grohl began playing with Queens Of The Stone Age, which the drummer thought “looked like the end.” “We tried to make ‘One By One‘ and it really looked like the end,” he said. “I don’t think that glamorising that lifestyle is a good thing – I just don’t. I think it’s a bad message.

“I think people are gonna do what they’re gonna do, kids are gonna fuck around, they’re gonna experiment. If you have an addictive personality or you’re a fucking dumb kid, you’re gonna get drawn into it. You gotta be careful, man.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the interview, Hawkins also revealed how he felt when he first heard Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. “I was just like, ‘Fuck!’,” he said. “It was literally that same moment that all those kids in America had when The Beatles played on Ed Sullivan. I remember where I was and the colour of the light outside changed.”

He also expressed a desire to play drums and write a song for Liam Gallagher, calling him “a character”, but noting that the former Oasis man has yet to invite him to collaborate.

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