Foo Fighters share ‘March Of The Insane’ by fictional band Dream Widow

The track was released under the moniker Dream Widow from their "never-released self-titled album"

Foo Fighters have shared a new song by the fictional band Dream Widow, called ‘March Of The Insane’, which features on the soundtrack to Studio 666.

The track was quietly released earlier today (February 15) on the band’s YouTube page and features frontman Dave Grohl growling his way through the lyrics.

Sing in a villainous choir / Join in a chorus of pain,” Grohl sings on the track. “Rise in a ruinous army / Dance to the march of the insane”.


In the YouTube description box, the track is said to be from Dream Widow’s “never released self-titled album”. Listen to it below now.

‘March Of The Insane’ arrives 10 days before the release of Foo Fighters’ upcoming movie, Studio 666. Earlier today, the band launched a new merch line to celebrate the film – a “horror-comedy” that will follow Dave Grohl and his bandmates as they move into a mansion in Encino, California that is “steeped in grisly rock and roll history” to record a new album.

The merchandise collection includes a selection of t-shirts and accessories – a mug, blanket and pins all featuring signature artwork from the film.

This weekend, Foo Fighters streamed a pre-recorded gig at the Los Angeles Convention Center, broadcasting it as an “immersive 180-degree VR concert” on the band’s Facebook and Instagram pages (AKA the ‘Metaverse’) and the Horizon Venues app.


During the gig, the group played 10 songs, including a small number that don’t usually feature in their setlist. This included ‘T-Shirt’, the opening track from 2017’s ‘Concrete and Gold’ which received its live debut on Sunday, and ‘Walking After You’, which was performed by the Foos live for the first time since 2006.

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