Footage surfaces of the first ever show Travis Barker played with Blink-182

The trio played their early hit 'Josie'

Footage has surfaced online of an early Blink-182 show where long-time drummer Travis Barker made his debut performance.

Prior to Barker, Blink toured and performed with drummer Scott Raynor and released their first two albums ‘Chesire Cat’ and ‘Dude Ranch’. However, in 1998, Barker joined the pop-punk trio for good.

The footage is filmed in classic 90s quality but marks an important moment for the iconic band. Posted to Facebook by a fan, the video is captioned: “A jewel: The first show with Travis Barker as an official member of Blink-182” and is dated June 15, 1998. Note the authentically 90s camcorder subtitle: ‘OUR VACATION”.

Watch Blink-182 perform ‘Josie’ with Travis Barker for the first time below.

As a sign of the times, it was recently reported that Funko would be immortalising Blink-182 as a Pop figure – but only Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker.

The series of highly-collectable vinyl doll figurines depicting pop-culture icons with cartoon features and enlarged heads will be releasing models of Blink from September – however many fans have noted that the collection lacks one of former longstanding frontman Tom DeLonge and his replacement Matt Skiba.

Meanwhile, Mark Hoppus recently took to social media to reveal that he once advised a Navy Admiral on the most effective way to capture Saddam Hussein and remove him from power.

The band are also working on new music, which they say is in a similar vein to their classic 2001 album ‘Take Off Your Pants And Jacket’.