Former head of UFO program at The Pentagon now works for Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge

We've reached peak 2017.

One of the major players in the US government program the investigated UFOs has now joined Tom DeLonge’s ‘science fiction technology’ academy.

A recent New York Times article revealed that the US government spent millions of dollars on a covert program exploring the possibility of alien life. The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was started in 2007 , ceased to be funded in 2012, but is still operation today.

One of the major officials of this project was Luis Elizondo who has now joined the ‘To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science’ which is run by Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge.


Tom DeLonge

Back in October, DeLonge launched an appeal for funding for his new ‘public benefit corporation’ which he described as “the first partnership of its kind between the fields of aerospace engineering, science, and cinematic entertainment” which will “explore the outer edges of conventional thinking.”

As of writing the project has raised over $2 million with over 2,000 investors. The idea is that the academy gives researches free reign to explore science fiction theories and technologies without bureaucratic blockades.

As Consequence of Sound report, as well as Elizondo, the academy currently employs former CIA contractor named Harold E. Puthoff and another Defence Department official, Christopher Mellon.

Watch the promotional trailer for DeLonge’s ‘To The Stars’ academy below.


Meanwhile, Blink fans are growing excited about the prospect of the band reuniting with Tom DeLonge – after he shared a photo from a meeting with drummer Travis Barker.

“Blink is in my DNA,” Tom previously said of a potential reunion. “I talk to Travis quite a bit and we try and figure out how and when it’s going to make sense.”

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