Former Slipknot member confirms he won’t be returning to band: “I simply don’t know those guys anymore”

Corey Taylor was on board with the musician rejoining after Chris Fehn left

Former Slipknot member Anders Colsefni has shut down speculation that he could return to the band, following the recent departure of percussionist Chris Fehn.

Fehn parted ways with the iconic metal group earlier this month after he began legal action against his bandmates over a pay dispute. A statement from the band claimed that the musician “chose to point fingers and manufacture claims rather than doing what was necessary to continue to be a part of Slipknot.”

Shortly after his exit, a fan tweeted Corey Taylor to suggest that the band’s original singer and percussionist Anders Colsefni – who was a member from 1995-1997 – should step to fill the vacant spot. “Fuck I would LOVE that,” Taylor replied in a now-deleted post.


Now, as fans await further news on the band’s line-up, Colsefni has issued a statement to confirm that he won’t be reuniting with Slipknot. He states that there’s no animosity between himself and the band, but that he’s moved on and is focusing on supporting his family.

Slipknot perform live

“I’m going to take away the uncomfortable conversations that Slipknot might have regarding myself and reported band vacancy by saying:
I will NOT be rejoining Slipknot,” Colsefni’s social media post began. “It is certainly not for any animosity I have – I simply don’t know those guys anymore. I generally give those I don’t know the benefit of the doubt.

“I’ve spent the last 27 years (through each and every band) working concrete construction to support my family but still allow time for my “Real Job” lol.”

He added: “After many years of failed bands, failed marriages, and plenty of others, I’ve settled into an occupation that I can retire from. I’m gonna need the bennies – my body is going to shit! Lol!


“As much as I had dreamed of rejoining my creation (shut up- I know it’s a different band now!) it is not enough of a dream anymore to risk being homeless when the tour is over!”

Colsefni concluded by saying that his band Painface is still active “behind the scenes”, and told fans to “look for us sometime this year”.

Meanwhile, Slipknot recently confirmed that their highly-anticipated new album will arrive on August 9. The group will return to the UK in June for a headline performance at Download Festival.

Slipknot will then take their new material on the road in July, with shows continuing throughout August and September.