Former Spanish footballer Gaizka Mendieta is playing a DJ slot in London next week

"This is gold"

Ex-footballer Gaizka Mendieta has been confirmed to play a DJ event at London’s Shacklewell Arms next week.

Mendieta will guest at the ‘Scared to Dance’ event which is taking place at the venue on October 19. A tweet revealed that the former midfielder, who played for Valencia, Lazio, Barcelona and Middlesborough during his career, would be spinning a mixture of “indie pop, post-punk, new wave and sixties music” at the event.

‘Scared to Dance’ tweeted: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome ex-footballer @GaizkaMendieta6 as our guest DJ on Saturday 19th October.” The Shacklewell Arms shared the tweet simply adding: “this is gold.”


You can buy early bird tickets for the event here.

Earlier this year, the 44-year-old Mendieta opened up about his blossoming DJ career to Teeside Live.Mendieta revealed: “I’ve been asked to do playlists for Boro fans when they go to away games on coaches and I’ve been DJing at Champions League final fan zones for two or three years.”

He added: “Real Madrid against Atletico in Lisbon was special. It was mostly Spanish there and everyone was shouting ‘Mendieta’. Putting those two worlds together, that’s what I enjoy now.”

Gaizka Mendieta DJ London
Gaizka Mendieta has enjoyed spinning tracks as a DJ for some time


The event has a history of brining former footballers in for DJ nights. Last year, former footballer Pat Nevin – who played for Chelsea and Everton star also spun the decks at the club night.

Speaking about his career as a DJ in 2015 to Vice, Nevin said: “Oh, I’ve been DJing for years and years. Forever really. I come from Glasgow, and before I left it was a hotbed of music. The whole Postcard Records thing was blowing up, and things were really happening. I had been listening to John Peel since I was 14, every night lying on my bed with headphones on.

“I was just a muso, that’s all I was. Eventually I started DJing. Even when I was playing football for Chelsea I was doing it. Although, when you are playing football you can’t be spinning tunes until 3am in the morning, because you have to take care of yourself a wee bit. I’m asked loads now, and can only accept about 1 in 5 of the offers I get.”



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