Former The Wildhearts member Scott Sorry has been diagnosed with a brain tumour

He was diagnosed yesterday and a fundraising campaign has been launched.

Scott Sorry, former member of The Wildhearts, has been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

His friend and ex-bandmate Ginger Wildheart shared a Go Fund Me campaign for Scott on Twitter this morning (December 23), revealing the news.

“Dear Wildhearts community,” he wrote. “My brother Scott Sorry is very sick. He has a brain tumour and he needs all of our help.


“Please repost this, get involved and help in any way that you can.”

Scott left The Wildhearts in 2012 to concentrate on his new band Sorry and the Sinatras, as well as a solo project.

The campaign page was started by guitarist Rich Jones – who has played in Amen and Black Halos, and is currently guitarist for Michael Monroe – who reveals that Scott was diagnosed with the tumour yesterday (December 22).

“On Dec 22nd, 2017, doctors found a tumour on the brain of my good friend Scott, who some of you may know as Scott Sorry from The Wildhearts, Sorry & The Sinatras, Amen and his recent solo work,” Jones writes.

“The doctors have described it as a 2-inch cystic tumour on the left side of his brain, and it’s currently affecting his speech and motor functions. Right now he’s in for observation and they expect to perform surgery on him on Dec 26th. We’re all pulling for Scott and if anyone can get through this thing it’s him, but right now we have to just wait and see.


“In recent years, Scott scaled back his involvement in music to focus more on his family life. Scott and his wife Hanni recently bought a house in which they’re raising their 3 wonderful kids and Scott has turned down a number of touring opportunities to focus on his job and family.”

“Alongside the obvious emotional toll of a diagnosis like this, it’ll mean mounting medical bills and an as-yet-unknown amount of time off work for Scott,” Davis continues.

“So with his family’s permission, I’m setting up this fund to help give some relief to a guy who has brought so much joy to others through his music, his friendship and his selfless love for his family.

“Anything that you can give, large or small, will go a long way towards a good cause for one of the best guys that I know. Thanks for reading, I’ll update as frequently as possible when there’s any news.”

The campaign target was raised to $25,000 (£18,710) after Jones learned how expensive Scott’s treatment has already been.

Fans have already flocked to donate, with the current total at $17,430, at time of writing.

You can donate to the campaign here.