‘Fortnite’ players unite to cover Bastille and Marshmello’s ‘Happier’

The cover follows the DJ doing an in-game concert earlier this month

A group of Fortnite players have come together to perform a cover of Bastille and Marshmello’s ‘Happier’ within the game.

A team of 24 players synchronised their movements to create the cover of the hit song, playing the melody on a giant floor piano in the game map.

The percussion and other layers of the track were then added through gunshots, fire pits, and other actions. You can watch the players creating the cover in the video below.


It comes shortly after Marshmello played an in-game show for Fortnite players earlier this month. Ahead of the concert, users witnessed a stage being built within the game’s Pleasant Park. Once the show got going, a new bundle was released, which allowed players to play in a Marshmello skin with a pickaxe and spray paint also becoming available.

Meanwhile, Bastille are preparing their third album, ‘Doom Days’. They previewed a new track from the record in ‘4AM’ while on an intimate tour of the UK earlier this month. Reviewing the band’s Manchester show, NME described the track as “a subdued, nocturnal hymnal song about spending 4AM surrounded ‘by old friends and new’.”

Last year, frontman Dan Smith told NME that, despite the upcoming record being the “opposite” of ‘Wild World’ in terms of reflecting what’s going on in the world, the band weren’t telling people to disengage. “It’s really important to stay engaged, vote, and be vocal but, equally, I think it’s just as important to live your life and try and be happy,” he said.

“There’s a time and a place for those conversations. There’s a song on the new record about someone trying to talk to me about politics and Donald Trump when you’re just wanting to have a good time and lose your mind, and doing that’s really important. These are such huge topics that you can fall down the hole of thinking and talking about it all the time.”