¡Forward, Russia! begin work on new album

Leeds band team up with Mastodon producer

¡Forward, Russia! have gone to Seattle to begin work on their new album.

The band have posted an update on their recording progress for the follow up to their 2006 debut ’Give Me A Wall’.

The band wrote on Forwardrussia.com: “We have started the recording of our second album, and we hope to keep you up to date with its progress and all our goings on via the new website.


“There’s not been a lot of action from the ¡Forward, Russia! camp recently, and that’s because we have been holed up writing new songs for the follow up to ‘Give Me A Wall’.

“It’s been going pretty well, and we are now starting to record them for album #2. We are very lucky to right now be in Seattle, USA working with awesome producer and all-round nice guy Matt Bayles on getting these songs down.

“As well as previously dong all the electronics in Minus The Bear, Matt has made some amazing albums over the years by bands like Botch, Isis, Blood Brothers and has recently been working with Mastodon and Fall Of Troy. We’re really looking forward to seeing how everything pans out!”