Foster The People unveil snippet of new song ‘Coming Of Age’ – watch

A new album from the band is expected this year

Foster The People have unveiled a 45-second long video teaser for their new single, ‘Coming Of Age’.

Click above to watch the video, which was posted on YouTube alongside the message: “We’re Back. Here’s a glimpse of 2014”. A new album was expected from the band in 2013, with frontman Mark Foster saying that the record would be more “evolved” and inspired by The Clash, The Kinks, West African music and David Bowie.

Speaking in 2012, he commented: “One thing about Foster The People is that it’s taking pieces of a lot of different genres of music and kind of melding them together.” He told Rolling Stone: “In the first record, I was looking at my vision for the project through a piece of opaque glass. This next record’s going to be more evolved; it’s going to be a clearer picture of what I’ve had in my head when it comes to that vision. Working on this project and getting deeper into electronic music is gonna help bring a deeper colour in the next Foster record.”

Foster The People released their debut album ‘Torches’ in 2011.