Foster The People frontman thrown out of Prince concert

Mark Foster had to beg to be let back into the Hollywood club show

Foster The People frontman Mark Foster was last night (October 25) kicked out of a Prince gig in Los Angeles.

The singer was escorted out of The Sayers Club in Hollywood after security spotted him using his mobile phone, reports TMZ.

Prince has banned the use of mobiles with recording capabilities at his private shows, but Foster was seen using his iPhone, leading to his removal from the venue.


Foster then begged security to let him back inside, explaining that he hadn’t closed his bar tab and promised that he wasn’t taking pictures on his phone.

He was later allowed back into the venue, but was made to check in his phone. Speaking to TMZ about the incident, Foster said: “It’s cool… Prince doesn’t play in front of 100 people every night.”

The frontman recently stated that the new Foster The People material will be inspired by The Clash, The Kinks, West African music and David Bowie.

“One thing about Foster The People is that it’s taking pieces of a lot of different genres of music and kind of melding them together,” he told Rolling Stone.

“In the first record, I was looking at my vision for the project through a piece of opaque glass. This next record’s going to be more evolved; it’s going to be a clearer picture of what I’ve had in my head when it comes to that vision. Working on this project and getting deeper into electronic music is gonna help bring a deeper colour in the next Foster record.”

Earlier this year Foster told NME that his band plan to record a new album later in 2012, which will be out in 2013.