Foster The People want to collaborate with Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend and more

Frontman Mark Foster says he wants to work with "people that come from a different background from myself"

Foster The People frontman Mark Foster has voiced his desire to work with a number of high-profile bands, listing the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend and MGMT among his most-desired collaborations.

Foster’s band recently linked up with the electronic duo The Knocks for the latter’s song ‘Ride or Die’, and the frontman has now declared his interest in collaborating with other artists in the near future.


Speaking to Billboard, Foster firstly drew on Drake‘s penchant for collaborating with other artists.

“With someone like Drake, it’s just his name is always on the radio,” he said, “He’s always got something new coming out, it’s been like that for years — whether it’s his own stuff or whether he’s collaborating and jumping on somebody else’s track, which is something that I think, in the end, [we should] do more often.

“I would love to do a song with Portugal. The Man, I’d love to do a song with Cage the Elephant. I would love to do a tune with MGMT, I would love to do something with Vampire Weekend or Arctic Monkeys.

“It doesn’t have to be all like lone wolf, super-competitive, super-secretive. We’re lucky to be able to make music, and I find it to be really fun to collaborate with people that come from a different background from myself. So that’s something that I think in the future something that I’m really kind of shooting for.”

Last week, Arctic Monkeys played a headline slot at Madrid’s Mad Cool Festival – and NME was there to witness it.