Foster the People propose insane Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theory

Pumped up tricks

Foster the People are the latest to weigh in on the apparent Jeffrey Epstein whodunnit with a conspiracy theory of their own: that the disgraced financier is still well and alive.

In a tweet posted Saturday (August 10), the band wrote: “Have you seen photos of the body? it’s obviously not him. my guess is, epstein’s on a private plane to somewhere in the middle east getting prepped for plastic surgery right now. #EpsteinBodyDouble.”

And a few hours ago today (August 12), Foster the People tweeted what they believe to be evidence in support of the bizarre theory. They compared a photo of the deceased Epstein, which was taken as his body was wheeled out on a stretcher, with an earlier portrait of him while he was alive. See the comparison below.

“There is no QUESTION the government is behind the #EpsteinSuicideCoverUp,” the band continued. “Research Attorney General Bill Barr and his father’s ties with Jeffrey Epstein. Barr helped broker the west palm beach ‘deal’ that kept Epstein away from a life sentence in federal prison.”

Epstein, a billionaire investor who was arrested on sex trafficking charges and faced 45 years behind bars, was found dead in his New York City cell on Saturday (August 10). He was 66.

Although the death has been ruled a suicide, Epstein’s shady dealings with the upper echelons of politics – Donald Trump and Bill Clinton are alleged associates of his – have ignited a number of conspiracy theories that suggest he had been murdered.

The New York City medical examiner’s office has just concluded an autopsy on Epstein’s body, but will need more information before confirming the cause of death.