Four Tet calls SoundCloud ‘A total slice of shit’

Kieran Hebden had copyright problems trying to upload his own song.

Four Tet has called SoundCloud “A total slice of shit” after running into copyright problems trying to upload his own song onto the site.

Four Tet, real name Kieran Hebden, announced on Twitter on Monday evening that he was about to post some new music. There was then a 30-minute delay, while Hebden did battle with SoundCloud refusing to recognise that Hebden was allowed to post his own music onto his own SoundCloud page.

The song eventually proved to be a Four Tet remix of Tangents’ single ‘Jindabyne’. The single is taken from the five-piece band’s new album ‘Stateless’, out on July 8.

During the technical difficulties trying to upload his remix onto SoundCloud, Hebden decided to change the URL for the song to a rant against the site. This led to SoundCloud sending Hebden an automated message which read: “It looks like your track ‘Yo Four Tet Automatic Content Protection System Detected One Track Contains Copyrighted Content’ may contain or be a copy of…”

When Hebden was finally able to share his remix on SoundCloud, he tweeted a link to the song with the message: “SoundCloud is a total slice shit of shit right now. All the joy is getting sucked out of it. @soundcloud is adding content to my page against my wishes so they can monetise. I don’t get to curate my own account that I pay for now. I want to play you this new music, though, so I have to put up with it for a minute.”

Four Tet released his most recent album ‘Morning/Evening’ in 2015. He appears at Wild Life, Field Day and Parklife festivals this weekend, before playing Creamfields and South West Four in August