Four Tet announces new album ‘Beautiful Rewind’

"No iTunes stream, no Spotify, no Amazon deal…no last minute Rick Rubin…" the producer promises

Four Tet has announced details of a new album ‘Beautiful Rewind’.

The LP will be the follow-up to 2010’s ‘There Is Love In You’. The producer, real name Kieran Hebden, wrote on Twitter: “No pre order, no YouTube trailers, no iTunes stream, no Spotify, no Amazon deal, no charts, no bit coin deal, no last minute Rick Rubin.” The latter part of the tweet references Kanye West bringing the superproducer in at the last minute to finish his latest album ‘Yeezus’.

While there is no release date yet, Hedben added that the “the album is all done and just getting some copies made and then will get it into the shops for you” and that it will be available on “LP, CD, and internet versions” through his own label TEXT Records.

Hebden released his debut album as Four Tet, ‘Dialogue’, in 1999. This was followed by 2001’s ‘Pause’, 2003’s ‘Rounds’, 2005’s ‘Everything Ecstatic’ and 2010’s ‘There is Love In You’. He released ‘Pink’ – a collection of mostly previously released 12″ singles, in 2012. It contained two new tracks ‘Lion’ and “Peace for Earth’.

The traklisting to ‘Beautiful Rewind'”

‘Parallel Jalebi’
‘Our Navigation’
‘Ba Teaches Yoga’
‘Kool FM’
‘Ever Never’
‘Your Body Feels’