Four Tet shares remix of Everything But The Girl’s ‘Nothing Left To Lose’

The single is taken from the duo’s upcoming album 'Fuse'

Everything But The Girl have shared a new version of their track ‘Nothing Left To Lose’ remixed by Four Tet – check out the song below.

The single was shared by the duo comprising Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn yesterday (March 29) and is the opening track of a new remix EP. An instrumental version of the remix is also included.

‘Nothing Left To Lose’ was originally released in January and is the first single from the indie-electronica band’s upcoming album ‘Fuse’. Set for release on April 21, the LP will mark the duo’s first full-length release in over two decades, following on from 1999’s ‘Temperamental’.


“We’ve always loved that meditative but propulsive thing in [Four Tet aka] Kieran [Hebden]’s music. The restraint mixed with momentum,” the pair said in addressing the remix.

“It is something that we often explore as well, so asking him to rework one of our songs felt like a great fit. There is a confident lightness of touch to his remix, underpinned by a raw killer beat, and a beautiful final third where all the subtle intricacies of his additional production coalesce.”

Alongside the regular and instrumental versions of the track, both of which were created by Four Tet, two additional variations are also included in the new EP. These are an ‘Extended Club Mix’ and an ‘Extended Club Dub’ take created by Everything But The Girl’s Ben Watt and album engineer, Bruno Ellingham.

Speaking with NME earlier this year the duo explained the inspiration behind their upcoming LP and shared that ‘Nothing Left To Lose’ was created out of a drive to “keep things contemporary”.

“We’ve never been a particularly nostalgic band – we’ve always been known for making a different record every time,” said Watt. “Sometimes that’s meant going against the mainstream, but we just try to keep ourselves interested and keep things contemporary.”


He continued: “We wanted to come back with something modern-sounding. We’re not out there on the heritage trail doing ‘best of’ tours or playing arenas. We just wanted to make a piece of work that would sound great now in 2023. That was the driver.”

Last month the duo shared the second single from ‘Fuse’, an introspective track called ‘Caution To The Wind’. According to the bandmembers the release is one of their more stripped-back songs and is about “seizing the moment”.

“With the music, we tried to capture the feeling of a perpetual point in time,” said Thorn. Watt agreed: “I let the words quickly collapse and loop inside the production. The drums emerge and repeat, and everything then starts to unfold in cycles of anticipation and release. I guess it’s just classic nightclub tension and euphoria.”

‘Nothing Left To Lose (Remixes)’ is out now. Find the EP below.

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