Foxygen perform ‘How Can You Really’ on ‘Letterman’ – watch

Group were making their US network television debut

Foxygen appeared on US chat show Late Night with David Letterman on Thursday (December 8), performing the song ‘How Can You Really’. Click above to watch.

The track was taken from the Los Angeles-based duo’s most recent album ‘…And Star Power’, and the appearance on Letterman’s long-running late night chat show marked their US network television debut.

“No more phone calls, he have a winner,” Letterman enthused after the performance.

‘…And Star Power’ was released last October. Announcing the record, which is split into four ‘suites’ and clocks in at 82-minutes long, the band said :”Foxygen have joined Star Power. It is a punk band, and you can be in it, too. Star Power is the radio station that you can hear only if you believe. A gaggle of guest stars. Roman-numeraled musical suites. Vocals recorded on a shoddy tape machine at The Beverly Hills Hotel and Chateau Marmont. A svelte 82-minute run time of psych-ward folk, cartoon fantasia, soft-rock indulgences, D&D doomrock and paranoid bathroom rompers. A cinematic auditory adventure for speedy freaks, skull krunchers, abductees and misfits. We’re all stars of the scene.”