The former Pixies frontman tells NME.COM he'll do it if he can "get the money together"...

Former PIXIES singer FRANK BLACK has said he wants to work with an orchestra on his new album.

Speaking to NME.COM, Black, who was in the UK for the Reading Festival, said that he hopes to release the follow-up to his ‘Dog In The Sand’ LP in Spring 2002, and would like to record the album in California.

He said: “We’re gonna write a lot more songs and practise a lot. We don’t know what we’re gonna do. I wanna record (the new album) in California, in small towns, but that is such a logistical nightmare, do all that and sound good.

“We might work with an orchestra if we can get the money together. If not an orchestra, then at the very least a saxophone section, kinda Bowie-ish. I’d like to do the orchestra thing though. We have some songs from the last album that we didn’t quite pull off so maybe we’ll try them again!”