But don't hold your breath, Frank Black and the Catholics' new album isn't out until September...

FRANK BLACK AND THE CATHOLICSs are set to release their new album ‘SHOW ME YOUR TEARS’ on September 8.

The former Pixies frontman has collaborated with ex-bandmate Joey Santiago and composer, Van Dyke Parks on the follow-up to his dual released albums of 2002,’Black Letter Days’ and ‘Devil’s Workshop’.

Black said it is not one of the most optimistic of the nine albums he has recorded.

He said: “Thirteen big, salty tears. Like thirteen little black dogs just born, still in their sacs, about to wake up, ready to howl at the world. here isn’t a happy song in this bunch,”

The tracklisting for the album is as follows: ‘Manitoba’

‘This Old Heartache’

‘Massif Centrale’

‘Goodbye Lorraine’

‘My Favorite Kiss’

‘Horrible Day’

‘New House Of The Pope’

‘The Snake’ ‘Nadine’ ‘Coastline’

‘When Will Happiness Find Me Again?’

‘Everything Is New’

‘Jaina Blues’