'Black Letter Days' and 'Devil's Workshop' both out on August 26...

Frank Black are to release two new albums on the same day.

The former Pixies singer will release ‘Black Letter Days’ and ‘Devil’s Workshop’ on August 26 via Cooking Vinyl.

‘Black Letter Days’ was recorded in LA, while ‘Devil’s Workshop’ was completed soon after in a orth Hollywood rehearsal complex.

When NME.COM spoke to Frank Black last year, he said that he wanted the follow-up to his ‘Dog In The Sand’ LP to feature an orchestra.

He said: “We might work with an orchestra if we can get the money together. If not an orchestra, then at the very least a saxophone section, kinda Bowie-ish. I’d like to do the orchestra thing though. We have some songs from the last album that we didn’t quite pull off so maybe we’ll try them again!”