Frank Carter and Dean Richardson launch “eco-friendly” NFT

“Life is short, this NFT will last longer"

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes have put an “eco-friendly” NFT up for auction.

The item entitled ‘Vita Brevis’ – which features a single digital skull – is the first in a collection of NFTs designed by frontman Frank Carter and guitarist Dean Richardson.

They said in a statement: “Life is short, this NFT will last longer. A single skull, doomed to float in the ether for eternity acts as the canvas to a kaleidoscope of real-world colour and texture painted by hand on earth and painstakingly scanned and digitally converted so it can live forever in our hearts and minds and screens.”


The item is currently being auctioned on Serenade, an eco-friendly NFT platform for digital collectibles, where fans can pay with credit and debit cards.

Credit: Press

The highest bid for ‘Vita Brevis’ so far is £450. You can bid on the item here.

The band recently released their new album ‘Sticky’ which was awarded four stars by NME and described as a “great record borne of hard times”.

It added: “This kind of bug-eyed bish-bash-bosh is exactly what we need from Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes right now. Great records inevitably come out of shit times, and this is one of them.”

The album features their collaboration ‘My Town’ with IDLES frontman Joe Talbot. Speaking about the team up, Carter told NME earlier this year.


“Joe Talbot is one of my heroes, so for me to have him on this track was a pretty special moment,” Carter added. “He’s another very angry man – potentially angrier than me!”

Explaining how they met, he explained how having been a fan of IDLES for quite some time, he eventually got to see them live when they were both at the same festival in Budapest. “I watched the whole gig and I just cried,” he said. “I just felt really fucking emotional. I don’t know what it was, whether it was just seeing a band that were cut from the same cloth as us.”

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