Frank Iero reflects on My Chemical Romance’s 2013 split: “It’s a scary, scary time”

The band initially split in 2013 before announcing their comeback last year.

My Chemical Romance‘s Frank Iero has opened up on the band’s initial split, admitting that their disbandment was a “scary” time for him personally.

The emo pioneers initially went their separate ways in 2013, before confirming their return in late 2019.

In an new interview with guitar company Ernie Ball, Iero admitted that he was scared by the uncertainty that came with the group deciding to go their separate ways.


“When My Chem ended, it was a feeling a closure on that but also, at the same time, this panic sets in because you have done something for so long and it almost defined you,” he said.

“There’s comfort in that, but there’s also this feeling of, ‘Oh my god, well now what do you do? Who are you?’ If that didn’t actually define you, what do you do now? It’s a scary, scary time.”

However, Iero added that he was eventually able to harness the fear to form his side project – Frank Iero and The Future Violents.

“I feel like the things that scare me are the things I gravitate towards,” he said.


“I love doing that shit. Like if it scares the shit out of me then I have to do it. I ended up learning so much more about myself and what I can accomplish by doing those things.”

The newly-reunited MCR had been set to make their comeback this summer, with European gigs booked at the Eden Project in Cornwall and the Royal Hospital Kilmainham in Dublin to go alongside a trio of sold-out shows at Stadium MK in Milton Keynes and a full US arena tour.

All the dates have now been postponed until 2021.