Frank Ocean recounts attempted mugging in Boys Don’t Cry magazine

The R&B star revealed that he was almost robbed at gunpoint

Frank Ocean has claimed that he was held at gunpoint by a mugger in an interview in his Boys Don’t Cry magazine.

The R&B singer released the 300-page publication to accompany his new album ‘Blonde’ on Saturday.

In a Q&A, Ocean recounts an attempt robbery: “I’ve had a guy come up to me and put a pistol to my sternum and ask me to run my 7D,” he says, referring to his camera.

“I was like ‘man I haven’t got my photos off my fucking camera, you can’t have my camera.’ He didn’t shoot me, he ran down the alley and got in his car. Honest to god, on my dog’s life,” he continues.

Ocean also talks about the influence Prince had on him as a singer.


“When I used to sing when I was younger, my mom would be like, ‘Stop hollering!’ It used to make me all self-conscious about how I sounded, like my tone of voice or how loud I was,” He said.

“I discovered Prince at my mom’s friend Jheri’s house, I mean she used to have him on like every day and I honestly didn’t pay attention at first but I vividly remember the first time I heard ‘Beautiful Ones’ and this grown man singing for his life. Immediately I remember it clicking like ‘Oh, it’s okay to holler and scream and everything. Like express yourself kid… go off! So yeah, Prince basically made it all okay,” he adds.

Meanwhile, Universal Music are reportedly ending the practice of giving streaming services exclusives in part due to Ocean’s deal with Apple